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Trn.Trak is a strength training & gym logging app we created for logging, balancing, and improving
your weight training workouts and routines.


The power of planning is getting results


We wanted to bring the benefits of design to the weight lifting industry, which generally struggles with it. Our main focus was on quick-entry and repeat/routine based workouts in a gym environment. But beyond just logging mechanics, we also spent a lot of time thinking about how to motivate with social sharing and community.


A lifestyle built on iteration


The bases of weight training is a whole lot of iteration, mixed with subtle variation. We designed Trn.Trak to start every past due workout with your last accomplished one. You'll know exactly where you came from so that you can push yourself forward. Adding variation is only a few taps away and will be remembered for next time.


When a caliber of design is met, users trust that your product can deliver


Entrepreneurial limitations are very real… capital, resources, marketing, acquiring users… finding efficiencies are an absolute must. But when it comes to the way your customers perceive your product, representing a premium product builds user equity and skyrockets trust.


We’re not here to tell your story… we’re here to help build your business


We help elevate what is right now. We push startup/mid-level companies into premium products so that they can go so much further. We’re not here to just redesign your logo… we’re here to ensure that every place you interact with your users, they trust you are the solution they want to invest in.


Design with momentum. Start building marketing, user & brand equity


Nothing is more limiting than only having one design problem solved. Start building design equity, by bringing in design solutions for your user experience and marketing... so that your team can scale your business's character. Your logo can only inform so much





A mobile app for fitness enthusiasts wanting to log, balance and improve their strength training. After a team health kick, we noticed there wasn't a lot of design-forward tools for weight lifting. The weight lifting industry seemed to be ridden with lightning, cracked concrete and clunky user interfaces. Not only did existing/competitor apps make for poor products, they lacked the premium feel that built user confidence and trust.

Our main product design focus was on a lot on quick-entry and repeat/routine based workouts. Strength training is a very iterative process so we designed for repeat workouts (allowing for better understanding of performance increases) with the ability to add variation to prevent plateauing.

The aura of the Trn.Trak (train track) brand pays homage to the athletic/sport industry, but overall moves away from "weight lifting" and into "strength training". Although there are plenty of gym rats out there, it was important to position the brand with more purpose than just lifting weights and looking good in the mirror. Strength Training as general exercise or for sports training was a much bigger market.

We Landed took this project from inception, to App Store, to continued marketing and growth. After releasing an initial MVP, we did real-world user testing and eventually iterated to a version we released to the App Store. We created several marketing campaigns which we used for Trn.Trak's various social media accounts and as creative for paid growth / advertising.



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