Disrupt seafood, not oceans

Sustainable plant-based shrimp that it is made entirely from algae & natural ingredients. The mission to make ocean conservation tangible and a part of everyday life!


Plant-based shrimp made from algae


Algae is the mother of all plants and the foundation of the seafood ecosystem. Shrimp eat algae that contribute to its color, flavor & texture and we can use algae in the same way… without having to use an animal.


The direct route to top-of-mind of millions of people, their bellies!


We believe there may be no other, more direct route to the top-of-mind of everyday people than through their bellies… than through the experiences they have with each other around the dinner table.


When a caliber of design is met, people trust your solutions can deliver


There's a threshold of trust and believability. When a caliber of design is met, your customers trust that your business can deliver a top notch solution. We’re here to ensure that every place you interact with your customers, they trust you are a capable, long-term solution they want to invest in.


Design with momentum. Start building marketing, user & brand equity


Don’t get trapped with endless iteration/designing in a vacuum, start finding solutions to a bigger ecosystem so you can start building design equity, iterate the right pieces and generate growth.


Sure… your technology can walk the walk, but can it talk the talk?


New Wave Foods uses a proprietary process to transform FDA approved algae & plant ingredients to give you the full culinary experience of seafood, but in addition to their technology… the traction we’ve built with their audience adds significantly more value to their company.


People are ready for plant-based seafood!


Going to market. Not only is there opportunity now more than ever to directly impact the affect that seafood has on the livelihood of the oceans, but we have an opportunity to shape the way everyday people get involved.


How do we help your company land?


Entrepreneurial limitations are very real… capital, resources, marketing, motivating talent… finding efficiencies are an absolute must. But when it comes to interacting with your customers and the way they perceive your product, trust us… our tool belt is much more efficient than yours.


Go to Market: Foodservice

Two-thirds of seafood is consumed outside of the home. The most frequently consumed product? Shrimp.

In order to make the most direct impact in disrupting seafood as well as capturing the initial market, we’ll be tailoring brand, messaging and sales approach with foodservice in mind.


Go to Market: International

After breaking ground in the US, the next stop? Pushing into other international markets such as Hong Kong, China and Europe.

Flexibility not only within the brand, but the products themselves will be important for scale!


Go To Market: Retail

Instead of just collecting dust with the rest of the products in the retail vegan aisle, exciting the market by building a customer experience outside the home will be an important step in merchandising the product. This isn’t just another vegan product, its a product with a mission to save the oceans… where we get almost 70% of our breathable oxygen from!

However, in order to successfully achieve a mission to make ocean conservation tangible and a part of everyday life... it’ll need to be brought into the home!


Corner shrimp & shellfish today—Crab, salmon, tuna tomorrow


Seafood is big business! The global Seafood Market (Wild & Farmed) is worth $150.9 Billion.


What good is a brand, without action?


1 in 3 global consumers choose to buy brands they believe are doing social or environmental good



We’re not here to just to create a premium facade of marketing/sales materials… we’re here to help steer the course of the company, think through communication & create tangibility.

The idea of “premium” doesn’t just apply to customer's initial engagement, but is truly woven through the overall experience & company. This ecosystem builds equity... dollars maximized & everything works together to create audience advocacy that truly drives growth.



Finding early adopters that can truly champion your company/products is no easy task. Positioning your brand, products and company is a step in the right direction, but building processes for sales and growth that you can learn from is an important step to achieving product market fit.


Do customers believe you’ll get to where you promised you were going?


With all the noise of new brands, new products, and loose promises… customers can see past the quick launch. The days of just lift-off are over, build customer confidence by building premium businesses that can land.




New Wave Foods

What makes your business/initiative tangible? Ocean conservation is one of the most challenging initiatives to garnish support for. How is it that we can understand the idea of colonizing Mars as earth’s backup plan, but for some reason we just can’t seem to grasp the idea, the importance and a tangible way of saving the oceans?

New Wave Foods is a female founded #momtreprenuer #femalescientist lead company that is looking to disrupt seafood, not the oceans. They have created a sustainable plant-based shrimp that it is made entirely from algae & natural ingredients and its been our mission to make ocean conservation tangible and a part of everyday life!

As with most startups, a larger challenge is to create a sense of believability that they can deliver on all of of their product promises (not just look like a trending technology). We looked to resolve this by ensuring New Wave came off as a premium product with depth, establishing strong customer confidence... and elevating their persona beyond any other competing product.

With the NWF team focused on product development and manufacturing, we brought in the digital component. Thinking through various brand messaging, strategy and creative directions… yes, but also bringing in various amounts of today's tools and strategies to build sales funnels and marketing channels.

We come in as a metaphoric “Design Co-Founder”. We empathize with users, identify the right problems to solve and target use-cases that best address business goals. Equal parts Creative Director, Technologist, and Digital Brand/Product Designer. We elevate brands, think through product features, manage resources, execute deliverables and establish/defend a product’s vision. We bring a caliber of design that builds high user perception with entrepreneurial efficiency.



Creative Direction