Friends are the best critics, discover what yours are watching

Framerate is a media discovery & watch queue app that we created to surface meaningful reviews/suggestings.


Discover, rate & recommend movies with your reel friends


You’ve watched and discussed various movies and genres with friends and family. Now you can review and discover movies from your inner circle. 


Your friends’ reviews give actual context beyond a star rating


Framerate connects your inner friend circle, allowing you to recommend movies to like minded friends. A mini social-network for movie suggestions that not only gives you context with people's personality, but allows you to manage your queue list so you now have a place to collect what to watch next!


A mini social network for your friends & family to recommend movies


Framerate is a mini social network that allows you to talk specifically about media content. Its a specific place for you to discover and discuss content with your friends and to queue up your next movie or show to watch.


Your friends & family better understand your preference for movies

Trending searches for media are a great way to grasp what's new or popular, but that's only a fraction of the content out there. Having a way to see what your friends are watching and also make recommendations allows you to get more personal with context.

“This movie reminds me almost exactly of our trip to Paris. You must watch!, Love, Mom


A place to recommend and discuss movies & shows with people that are close to you

The concept for Framerate started with thinking of ways to surface more meaningful reviews of content. Browsing Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB is a great way to find some of the more popular hits... but with public or formal critic reviews, it's a challenge to understand if you'll have the same perspective.

Framerate gives you an avenue to share movies with people that you've actually had conversations with, are like-minded or that have a strong genre preference you can get their opinion on.

“Musicals can be a bit tough, but if Jared liked it... I know you guys will too, great date night movie!



Ratings are always subjective, but ratings from friends give you so much more context. 4 Stars from a tough personal critic, 4 stars from five of your closest friends... give so much more meaning behind the rating.

Framerate is much less formal than a public review on a major review platform. It allows you to focus on your inner circle and say things like:

“Maybe a good flick with the kids on Sunday, but wasn't worth making it all the way to the theater for.


Your Feed

Framerate is a mini social network that allows you to talk specifically about media content.

It gives you the mechanics to keep everyone on the same subject and functions as a place for you to queue up your next movie or show to watch. You can still post to other major social networks, but now you have a place for recommendations to actually collect for later reference.


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A product incubated by We Landed.

Framerate is a mobile media discovery app that is curated by your friends. IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes are great general rating and review platforms… but reviews and recommendations provided by your actual friends give you so much more context.

In the interest of tackling the ever growing “what to watch” problem, we wanted to craft a platform that would mix a few popular social mechanics together… allowing users to not only better surface and share content, but to also better understand a movie’s potential. A mini social network for your friends & family to recommend movies.

The mechanics of our product were fairly simple, however… to create believability and trust that our product was worth signing up for… we focused on creating a very design/consumer forward look and feel. 

Framerate provides a feed of activity from your friends, similar to instagram/twitter… also allowing for commentary, reviews, and suggestions in the same way you socialize on the popular social platforms. Our goal was to design a platform that was both familiar, but still tackled specific variables to sharing movie/tv content. 

Although we replicated a few things from various social platforms to create the sense of familiarity, we also sought to highlight specific mechanics Framerate needed to create engagement and retention. We introduced a simple rating system that would provide a touch more context than just a “like” as well as introduced a recommendation feature that would queue up for you to consider watching later. The community/social aspect was great for discovering media, but we also provided a place for you to manage your actual content queue.



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