Technology minded companies use texting for support, sales & engagement

Deliver innovative customer service & sales by responding to text messages as a business. Your customers don't install another app, they just text message your existing business.


When a caliber of design is met, users trust that your solutions can deliver


There's a threshold of trust and believability. When a caliber of design is met, your customers trust that your business can deliver a top notch solution. Why should they consider anything less? We’re here to ensure that every place you interact with your users, they trust you are a capable solution they want to invest in.


Does your product reflect the personality of the people that use it?


Customer service is a competitive space... and messaging apps? A dime a dozen. Goal #1, was to create a premium product design that brought Textline up to the level of other popular consumer products.Help users understand you bring quality to your solutions by projecting a design-forward app your customers can champion.


Help users understand you bring quality to your product with a design-forward app your customers can champion.


Design with momentum. Start building marketing, user & brand equity


Nothing is more limiting than only having one design problem solved. Start building design equity, by bringing in design solutions for your user experience and marketing... so that your team can scale your business's character. Your logo can only inform so much.


Help discover the product’s true early adopter

Textline’s premium feel builds consumer confidence, allowing them to shift the conversation away from “can I trust this product” to “how else can this product solve my problems”. This shift in conversation allows Textline to better focus on product-market fit and spend marketing dollars towards this pursuit, rather than convincing customers to trust their product.


Product features are important, but are they believable?

The competitive landscape is riddled with feature sets. Customers can see through this noise and are judging solutions not only on what they can accomplish, but how they accomplish it.

Help customers understand you bring quality to your solutions by projecting a design-forward product your customers can champion.


Do users believe you’ll get to where you promised you were going?


With all the noise of new brands, new products, and loose promises… customers can see past the quick launch. The days of just lift-off are over, build customer confidence by building premium products that can land.


We’re not here to tell your story, we’re here to help build your business


Telling your story is about what was or will be. We help elevate what is right now. We push startup/mid-level companies into premium products so that they can go so much further. We’re not here to just redesign your logo… we’re here to ensure that every place you interact with your users, they trust you are the solution they want to invest in.





Sure Textline is an elegant solution to a technical problem...but it's not just about giving you the tools to manage text messaging, it’s about allowing you as an organization, a brand, a small business to get on the ground level with your customers. Whether it’s customer support when there is an issue or just welcoming them when they are excited to make a purchase. Textline lets you connect with your customers directly. No more email, no more phone calls, no more apps. Be there for them!

Textline first reached out in typical start up fashion with what seemed like a simple task "we need a logo"... however, after working with them it seemed their needs were much larger. We were able to act as a stand-in Director of Brand, Product Design & CMO. 

With most startups, the larger challenge is to create a sense of believability that Textline would deliver on all of its product promises. We looked to resolve this by ensuring Textline came off as a premium product with depth, establishing strong customer confidence... and elevating their persona beyond any other competing product.

We first focused on defining and visualizing what textline’s character was. Customer service, support and overall user engagement is becoming more and more conversational. We wanted to build a personality that reflected this light heartedness and really allow for an emoji-first society to relate and trust Textline’s persona. We moved them away from feeling like a development tool (heavy product screens and feature lists) into more of a consumer product (visuals of customer verticals and use cases… in addition to feature sets and product screens). 

After defining this persona, we worked with Textline’s engineering team to execute another iteration of the product that would not only feel more premium, but better surface this new personality. Injecting this persona into the product wasn’t as simple as styling/coloring buttons… we evaluated the user journey and various features to create efficiencies that allowed users to manage multiple conversations & statuses in a familiar way (similar to other chat tools they were used to) with additional layers / access to power tools specific to Textline’s product offer.

Lastly, we worked to define early adopters that gave Textline the best user acquisition/retention. We helped them create adverts, landing pages, and other various material so they had marketing/design equity they could use for various marketing campaigns / conversion testing.



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