Event Automation for data‑driven marketers

Hit moving targets with certainty. Certain's event automation gives you the power to achieve sales and marketing results, engage prospects & customers and scale your events to the enterprise.


Do customers believe you’ll get to where you promised you were going?


The competitive landscape is riddled with feature sets. Customers can see through this noise and are judging solutions not only on what they can accomplish, but how they accomplish it. Help customers understand you bring quality to your solutions by projecting a design-forward product your customers can champion.


Does your product reflect the personality of the people that use it?


Certain creates data-driven software... their products offer insight and organization for event holders. These event holders want to create excitement and intrigue around their events, which is exactly the bases of Certain's new design. We wanted customers to see a premium, design forward, solution to visualizing data... as well as a design caliber they are familiar with.


Designing a premium product. Certain's previous platform scaled in features before it caught up with design... leaving it a “spaghetti-code” equivalent in product design. New customers faced serious on boarding challenges and it was an uphill battle to not only retain them, but to build trust with new ones.


When a caliber of design is met, users trust your solutions can deliver


There's a threshold of trust and believability. When a caliber of design is met, your customers trust that your business can deliver a top notch solution. We’re here to ensure that every place you interact with your users, they trust you are a capable, long-term solution they want to invest in.


Sub-products create tangibility within your platform 


Drive measurable marketing and sales results with Certain's Event Automation suite of products.


Design with momentum. Start building marketing, user & brand equity


Nothing is more limiting than only having one design problem solved. Start building design equity, by bringing in design solutions for your user experience and marketing... so that your team can scale your business's character. Your logo can only inform so much.


Better embody the personality of your customers so they can better relate to your products

It's important that your business personality is not only reflected in your marketing materials, but also translates well into your product. We surfaced relatable environments when talking about Certain’s product and features to better connect with the people looking to use the software daily.


Customers needed help understanding the impact of Certain’s solutions

Simply listing your features and solutions is never enough for a customer to embody what your solutions can do for their specific problems. Bring your customers to the forefront of your story and put a human face to the problems your product can solve.


We’re not here to tell your story, we’re here to help build your business


Telling your story is about what was or will be. We help elevate what is right now. We push startup/mid-level companies into premium products so that they can go so much further. We’re not here to just redesign your logo… we’re here to ensure that every place you interact with your users, they trust you are the solution they want to invest in.





Event Automation provides functionality to help marketers optimize the impact of their event spend. A best-in-class solution will automate critical event management tasks, offer functionality to boost attendee engagement, capture rich attendee data and provide insights to drive sales & marketing activities.

Our first challenges were to dust off the old identity and not only show that Certain’s products and solutions were still relevant in today’s market, but that their product was top-tier and premium. Moving the identity into a more consumer friendly personality allowed Certain to start shifting away from being an engineer-lead, feature-bloated software… to a consumer/design forward product that inspired its customers. 

We worked to shift away from “this product solves my problem, but is frustrating to use” to “this product not only solves my problem, but it’s simple, smart and compares to other industry leading software I use daily”. Certain very quickly became a brand that established more trust with its customers... as well as attracted more top-tier talent. This trust gave them more marketing equity, ensuring lack of customer confidence wasn’t impeding on the performance of their marketing dollars.

We then focused on bringing the new iteration of the company personality into the product suite. We helped define the scope and user experience of one of their new products, showing them how best to approach the feature sets that would make the most impact on their customers. Certain understood what the basic features customers needed in order to manage their events, but we were able to bring in various approaches from other industries on how to best transition between events, save and duplicate templates, as well as visualize various data points. Our task was to help them create a new product MVP that felt premium and believable so that their customers could trust the product was a solution worth investing in.

Certain also had various product acquisitions in which they needed help bringing into the new parent brand. We worked with them on naming, branding, marketing, and product design on these new acquisitions so there was clarity for their customers on how all the products worked together, but also a premium personality that each could build on top of.



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